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[1/25/22] Hospital Foundation Fundraising Campaign

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The Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation has started a fundraising drive to purchase new equipment for the new hospital under construction. The foundation’s Phyllis Gleasman explains what’s on their wish list: And those chairs run about 25-hundred dollars each. Now the campaign has been going on for about a month now, and at this […]

[1/25/22] County Approves New STR Position

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Chelan County Commissioners last week approved the creation of a new position in the Community Development Department to assist with short term rentals and code enforcement. County Public Information Officer Jill Fitzsimmons says it’s being called the “Technician Position:” Fitzsimmons says that money comes from the short term rental application fees: The county is still […]

[1/25/22] Manson’s Polar Bear Plunge

Posted in Recreation

Manson Bay Park was packed with people early Sunday afternoon; most to watch, but many there to get very cold and wet, all to benefit the Lake Chelan Swim lessons program. It was the annual Polar Bear Plunge, and on yesterday’s 2nd Cup of Coffee program, coordinator Viki Downey said a lot of people took […]

[1/25/22] Manson Herd Bighorn Sheep To Be Caught And Collared

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Wildlife managers are setting out to catch and collar 10 bighorn sheep from the Manson herd, which ranges on the north shore of Lake Chelan. It’s one of three Washington herds targeted for the project, which aims to assess their health as bighorns struggle with a deadly form of bacterial pneumonia, transmitted to them from […]

[1/25/22] Schrier And USDA Official To Visit Wenatchee

Posted in Agriculture

Eighth District Congressional Representative Kim Schrier will visit Wenatchee around noon Tuesday, and she’s bringing a guest: an undersecretary from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Schrier and Undersecretary Jenny Lester Moffitt will tour the Stemilt Growers warehouse in north Wenatchee. They also expect to announce new funding available to farmers through the USDA Specialty Crop […]