[9/23/16] You Can HawkWatch At Chelan Ridge As Birds Head South For Winter

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Chelan Ranger District, in conjunction with HawkWatch International, is conducting a raptor count on Chelan Ridge as the birds head south for the winter.

HawkWatch International was founded in 1986 and has counted, banded, gauged and gathered data on millions of birds.

District Ranger, Kari Grover-Wier, says this is the 20th year Chelan has been a part of the HawkWatch project…

092316 Hawk Watch 1 :27 “…thing to be part of.”

And, Grover-Wier says, you can watch the program first hand…

092316 Hawk Watch 2 :27 “…with your family.”

Don’t forget to dress for the weather, and bring your binoculars.

For more information on the HawkWatch program- or directions to the site- call the Chelan Ranger District at 682-4900.