[9/28/17] WSDOT Mourns The Loss Of Iconic Cinnamon Roll Lady — Known As Tootsie

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Washington State Department of Transportation announced this week that Tootsie Clark – known to many as the cinnamon roll lady- passed away last weekend at the age of 95.

Although she was never a Washington State Department of Transportation employee, she was every bit a part of their team. At least when it came to the annual opening of State Route 20- North Cascades Highway…

092817 Tootsie Death :36 “…the gate to swing open.”

That’s Jeff Adamson, Spokesman for the Department of Transportation. He said that in 2006, Tootsie took on a more active role and began helping the crews push the gate open.

The North Cascades Highway is still open- but as winter and snow moves in, it will be closed for the season until spring of 2018– at which time, crews will begin the tough task of clearing the snow, repairing the roadway and opening the highway once again….but it won’t be the same without Tootsie.