[5/21/21] Words Of Warning About Chelan Dam

Posted in Public Utility, Recreation

The Chelan County PUD wants to remind you of a few things about the Chelan Dam.  First, stay out of the Chelan Gorge.  It’s the season when water is being spilled from the dam, and they can do that at any time – and without any warning.  And you don’t want to get caught in the Gorge when that happens.  The PUD’s Rachel Hanson:

Second, about the dam: they have this alarm:

Now, that’s not the real alarm, but that’s kinda what it sounds like.  What does that alarm mean?

And finally, there’s a safety boom about 200 feet up from the dam.  That, as the name implies, is for safety.  It’s the point you should never cross, or even come close to.  But again, Rachel Hanson, who says that hasn’t stopped some people:

And on a more positive note, as we often say, you can check out the PUD’s website at chelanpud-dot-org for a look at some of the parks and beaches you are more than welcome to go to.