[4/17/17] Winthrop Town Council and Manson Community Council Among Meetings This Week

Posted in Local Government & Meetings


The Pateros City Council meets at 6PM tonight at Pateros City Hall.

Chelan City Council meets Tuesday afternoon at 4PM for a Council Workshop.

Manson Community Council is scheduled to meet Tuesday evening at 6pm in the Manson Grange. Theoretically they could reach a decision whether to support a request to amend building height restrictions in an area of downtown Manson.

Once a decision has been made, the advisory committee, Manson Community Council, will pass that on to Chelan County Commissioners.

The Bridgeport City Council meets Wednesday evening at 7PM in Bridgeport City Hall.

And the Winthrop Town Council meets Wednesday evening at 7PM in the Winthrop Auditorium Hen House, otherwise known as the Barn Back Room.

It could be a rather lively Winthrop Town Council Meeting- on the agenda: a discussion of proper etiquette during council meetings, followed by an executive session to discuss qualifications of town council applicants, then a workshop to discuss possible restructuring of the town government.

Add to that, the consideration of entering into a inter-local agreement for Law Enforcement Services with the Town of Twisp- and you could have a lengthy and lively council meeting.