[12/16/21] Winthrop Road Project Gets Grant

Posted in Local Government & Meetings, Transportation

Winthrop’s most-pressing street repair project will finally get underway next year, Thanks to an unexpected grant from the state,

The Town of Winthrop learned last week that the state Transportation Improvement Board has offered a grant of more than 810 thousand dollars through its Small City Arterial Program to fund widening and repaving of a .7-mile stretch of Horizon Flats Road. The town has been seeking state support for the repairs for several years.

According to Winthrop Public Works Director Jeff Sarvis, design of the project will take place next year with construction likely in 2023. Sarvis said the late notice of the grant would not leave enough time to adequately design the project so that it could be bid in early 2022.

The degraded Horizon Flats Road pavement has been a concern for several years, particularly as plans proceeded for the new Okanogan County Fire District 6 fire station currently under construction on Horizon Flats Road. Methow Trails also recently moved its headquarters to a site on the road, so an increase of vehicular and other traffic was anticipated.

Total cost of the Horizon Flats project is estimated at more than 853 thousand dollars with the town expected to come up with a 5% match, or about 43 thousand. Fire District 6 has committed to providing $10,000 toward that match.

Since the town has been applying to the state for support of the Horizon Flats project for several years. Sarvis said it was a “total surprise” to learn of the grant.