[11/14/17] Winter Weather Brings Back Enforcement Of No Overnight Parking On Downtown Manson Main Street

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It’s not a new law– its been posted as NO OVERNIGHT PARKING, but those who have made it a habit to park in downtown Manson overnight are asked to please stop parking there.

Chelan County Sheriff’s Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, told KOZI that overnight parking on the main street in downtown Manson usually only poses a problem during the winter months….

111317 Manson Parking 1 :16 “…will start enforcing that.”

Sergeant Huddleston says there are other options for people who live downtown for parking…

111317 Manson Parking 2 :29 “…on the ice and all that.”

 Huddleston says deputies will first be warning those who live in the downtown Manson core- but, will soon be issuing tickets and towing vehicles.