[3/3/22] What’s To Become Of PUD’s Wenatchee Headquarters?

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As construction progresses on the Chelan County PUD’s new headquarters in the Olds Station area, attention is now being paid to what will become of the PUD’s current headquarters in downtown Wenatchee, which has been at the corner of 5th Street and Wenatchee Avenue since 1954. The PUD and the Chelan-Douglas Regional Port Authority will be inviting developers to submit proposals for the 7 and a half acre campus; the RPA’s Public Works and Capital Projects Manager, Stacie de Mestre:

While to some “redevelopment” might mean tearing down everything now on the property and starting from scratch, de Mestre says that’s not necessarily the case here:

The “Dan” she’s referring to is the PUD’s Dan Frazier, he’s their shared services director, who says there was some fear among the public when the move was announced, but that they’ve been getting a lot of interest in the redevelopment:

The Port’s de Mestre says they hope work on the PUD campus will start soon after the PUD’s move is complete next year, although the area won’t be fully redeveloped for several years.