[1/31/18] Wenatchee Police Officer Shot In Hand During Struggle With Suicidal Man

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A seasoned Wenatchee Police Officer suffered a gunshot wound to his hand early Tuesday morning while trying to wrestle a handgun from a suicidal man.

According to a press release from the Wenatchee Police Department, the incident began Monday evening at about 11:30pm when officers received a call of a suicide threat on Westwood Ave.

The person threatening suicide was identified as 30 year old Ernesto Figueroa.

Arriving police officers made contact with family members who had made the 911 call and they told officers they would try to resolve the situation themselves.

Officers cleared the scene after Figueroa refused assistance from law enforcement and Mental Health Services.

Abut 4 hours later- 4am- Figueroa called Rivercom 911 himself. He had locked himself in the bathroom stating he was armed with a gun and planned to harm himself.

Wenatchee Police Officers arrived and were able to get the family members to leave the residence. Behavioral Health professionals were called to the scene and made contact with Figueroa who refused their assistance.

Based on that contact, Behavioral Health Officials signed an order to detain Figueroa for an evaluation.

Figueroa tried to run upstairs before officers could detain him and somehow managed to grab a handgun he had hidden in the stairwell.

During the struggle, Figueroa pointed the handgun at his own head, and at officers.

Figueroa and the officer fought over control of the handgun, which discharged and struck Wenatchee Police Sergeant, Mark Huson in the hand.

The 29 year law enforcement veteran was transported to Central Washington Hospital for treatment.

Figueroa was transferred to Central Washington Hospital for a behavioral health evaluation before being released and transferred to Chelan County Regional Jail for attempted murder 2nd degree and assault 1st degree.

Sergeant Huson’s injury was described as non life threatening.