[6/16/21] Weekend Accidents

Posted in Law Enforcement

Several accidents to report from over the weekend; two on the road, one on the lake. 

First, early Saturday afternoon, a motorcycle was westbound on the South Lakeshore Road near the Cove Marina.  Chelan County Sheriff’s Deputy Nigel Hunter picks up the story:

The driver, a 57-year-old Cashmere man was severely injured, deputies applied a tourniquet to his leg prior to the man being airlifted to Central Washington Hospital in Wenatchee.

A couple of weeks ago, we told you about an accident on the lake between a pontoon boat and a jet ski that sent one person to the hospital and another to jail.  Now, an almost similar accident over the weekend.  Again, Nigel Hunter:

Finally, it turned out to be quite a ride for four Link Transit passengers on the Route 21 bus on Highway 150 headed from Manson to Chelan around 9 a.m Monday when a stray tire flew off of a car, breaking the windshield of the bus.

The driver of a Ford Explorer reported their car had been shaking before the tire popped off and flew into oncoming traffic. It first struck a Dodge Ram truck and then hit the bus. Neither the bus nor the truck were  seriously damaged.  The good news is there were no injuries.