[5/16/17] Weather Puts Repaving Project On SR 150 Behind Schedule

Posted in Transportation


Our wet, chilly weather has put a few road construction projects in the Chelan Valley behind schedule…


That’s Kevin Walagorski, Project Engineer with Washington State Department of Transportation. He’s overseeing a pair of projects on the northshore of Lake Chelan that has been negatively impacted by the weather.

First, the re-paving of State Route 150 was rained out again Monday night. You can’t pave in the rain, and they are going to need better weather to wrap that project up by Memorial Day weekend.

Simultaneously, work continues on the No-See-Um roundabout intersection project. Pre announced traffic delays and back ups have more than lived up to their hype.

Local motorists have learned that you don’t want to be in the vicinity of Don Morse Park late afternoon through early evening Monday through Thursday. Traffic backs up into downtown Chelan and delays often exceed 30 minutes.

Walagorski tells us it’s not going to get better anytime soon…


The only advice we can offer you is to try to avoid the area if you can.

(listen to full story for more on local traffic cosntruction delays)