[5/16/17] Water Supply Forecast Looks Favorable

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The latest water supply forecast for the North Central Washington area has just been released by the Bureau of Reclamation and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Senior Hydrologist, Kevin Berghoff with NOAA’s Northwest River Forecast Center says the outlook remains especially favorable for the remainder of the 2017 growing season…

051617 Water Supply 1 :25 “…it’s well above normal”

Berghoff says the traditional method of forecasting water supply levels includes a combination of current observations and historical data for both the short and long term models…

051617 Water Supply 2 :27 “…generate long range forecasts”

Although the outlook for water in the region is currently outstanding, Berghoff notes that projections can sometimes change dramatically based mainly upon how future weather conditions pan out…

051617 Water Supply 3 :34 “…dependent on the temperatures”

The forecast for available water is currently well above normal for this time of year, and with an outlook calling for below average temperatures with precipitation at-or-above median levels for the remainder of spring and well into summer, hydro tables should remain healthy throughout the entire season.


LINK: nwrfc.noaa.gov