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  • Make sure your pool has at least a 4-foot fence surrounding the pool deck.

  • Learn CPR if you own a pool.

  • Keep drains clean and in good working conditions so hair & pool toys do not get caught.

  • Follow the 10/20 rule: An adult needs to scan the pool every 10 seconds and be able to reach the water in 20 seconds.

  • Always have rescue devices on hand.

  • Drain wading pools after use as infants and children can drown in a few inches of water.

  • Have a phone nearby to call 911.

  • Remove all toys when you are done so children are not attracted to an unattended pool.

Pool Ladder


  • Be aware that water levels change quickly as snowpack melts in the mountains.

  • Never float a river alone.

  • Always check the weather before you go out on the river.

  • Be aware of water temperatures.

  • Always wear a life jacket.

  • Stay away from the dams.

  • Check upstream for current changes

  • Watch out for logs and other debris in your path.

River Rapids


  • Always let a friend or family member know you are going out on the water.

  • Do not use drugs or alcohol when operating a motorized device on the water.

  • Always wear a life jacket when in the water.

  • Never allow swimming near a boat launch or near a boat’s exhaust system.

  • Always have a phone on hand to call 911 in the case of emergency.

Lake Safety


  • Make sure they are official UL-listed quality.

  • Make certain they fit each person on the boat, a child’s head should not fit through the top opening of the jacket.

  • Have enough jackets on board for 1 per-person before leaving the shore.

  • Store them properly so they remain buoyant, do not keep in the sun or in a damp area.

  • Do not use inflatable floatation devices in place of life jackets.

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