[6/30/21] Watch For Sticky Roads

Posted in Environment, Transportation

Something to look out for as you’re driving during this heat wave: tar. 

With the record-breaking temperatures we’re experiencing, Chelan County Public Works is warning you may notice tar “bleeding” through the asphalt on recently chip-sealed county roads.

Public Works is receiving some reports of oil coming up on county roads. Excessive temperatures are heating up the oils under the rock, causing it to bleed through to the surface. Road crews are putting sand down in problem areas and also putting up traffic safety signs, warning motorcyclists to watch for loose gravel.

“This is a heat-related problem,” said Jill FitzSimmons, public information officer with Public Works. “So, unfortunately, motorists may see bleeding issues on a variety of roads, not just those that were recently chip sealed.”

A list of recently chip-sealed roads is on the county website. Crews have chip sealed in all but the Chelan District.

If a motorist finds tar on a vehicle, try pre-soaking the area with plenty of cold water. Using a manual car wash or washing your vehicle by hand, remove the substance by wiping or scrubbing it off with a soft brush.  If this does not work, use a Natural Orange Cleaner degreaser that does not damage paint. Spray the degreaser on the substance, allowing it to sit on the material for a few minutes. Then wipe off or use a soft brush.