[11/9/17] Washington State Patrol Running Drowsy Driving Campaign

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The Washington State Patrol is committed to reducing traffic fatalities and serious injury collisions on our state highways….

110917 Drowsy Driving 1 :18 “…dangers of drowsy driving.”

That’s Washington State Patrol Public Information Officer, Trooper Brian Moore.

He says Drowsy driving is a form of impaired driving that negatively affects one’s ability to drive safely and responsibly and often looks like a DUI…

110917 Drowsy Driving 2 :32 “…seen this first hand.”

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the top risk groups for drowsy driving are young people – especially males under the age of 26.

Shift workers and people with long work hours. Rotating shift people and those who work more than 60 hours a week need to be particularly careful.

And, commercial drivers- especially long-haul drivers.

Trooper Moore reminds drivers that if you are feeling sleepy and get behind the wheel – you are putting yourself, your occupants and other motorists at risk…

110917 Drowsy Driving 3 :23 “…that is negligence.”

Drowsy driving is not only dangerous– it’s illegal. If you fall asleep behind the wheel, you could receive a $550 fine for negligent driving.

Here are a few tips for staying awake behind the wheel:

Get a good nights sleep before hitting the road, take a break every two hours to refresh, use the buddy system to keep you awake – and share driving, avoid alcohol, drugs and medications that may cause drowsiness, and avoid driving when you would normally be sleeping.