[8/23/17] Warning: Rental Scams Hitting Chelan Valley

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If you’re looking for a rental – you need to do your homework. That’s the word from Chelan County Sheriff’s Sergeant Rob Huddleston, who tells KOZI he’s starting to hear about properties being listed on Craigslist . . . that aren’t really for rent:

Sounds like an amazingly trusting landlord, right? Well, Huddleston says the prospective tenant did some digging, and found out things weren’t quite as advertised:

Huddleston says it’s often hard to catch the perpetrators of the scams, saying they’re mostly out of the country and are very good at covering their tracks. On the other side hand, other scams have left not only prospective renters but homeowners with an unpleasant surprise:

The message is clear, before you send your money away and pack your bags, do your homework!