[2/6/18] WA Fire Marshall Urging All To Establish And Practice Home Escape Plans In Case Of Fire

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Do you know how to get out of your home during an emergency? Does everyone in your home know how? Do you have a plan? Do your kids know it? Does your spouse know it? What about your overnight guests? They should know it as well…

020618 Home Escape Plan 1 :09 “…best chance for survival.”

That’s Washington State Deputy Fire Marshall, Lysandra Davis.

The State Fire Marshall’s office is encouraging every household to develop and practice a home escape plan.

Davis says every home escape plan needs to start with fire and smoke alarms…

020618 Home Escape Plan 2 :16 “… no smoke alarms present.”

The State Fire Marshall’s Office is a Bureau of the Washington State Patrol, providing fire and life safety services to the citizens of Washington State.

Deputies State Fire Marshall, Lasandra Davis, says practicing your home escape plan and regularly checking your smoke alarms are key components to your family’s safety…

020618 Home Escape Plan 3 :29 “…you ever need to use it.”

To learn more about home escape planning and how to prevent home fires, visit the State Fire Marshall’s website at: www.wsp.wa.gov/fire.