[12/7/17] Voter Turnout Hit New Low Mark In Washington State

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Last week, when the results of the November General Election were certified, it became official– nearly 2/3 of Washington voters sat out the election, setting a new low mark for turnout..

120717 Voter Turnout 1 :16 “…trend of going down.”

That’s Chelan County’s top election official, Auditor Skip Moore. He said he can’t pinpoint why voter turnout is so dismal, but he does have a couple theories…

120717 Voter Turnout 2 :31 “….people vote their ballot.”

Chelan County narrowly edged out the state-wide low with a 38% voter turnout in the November 7th General Election…

120717 Voter Turnout 3 :15 “…out what really impacts it.”

Moore said a 37% voter turnout is hard to swallow for State Election officials, who are putting their heads together to try to find a solution…

120717 Voter Turnout 4 :30 “…will have some effect.”

This fall was the first time since 1985 that Washington State had no initiatives or referendums on the General Election ballot– that likely played a part in the nearly 2.6 million Washington voters who chose not to take part in the elections to choose mayors, city councils and school boards across the state.