[6/30/21] Varied Comments During STR Hearing

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Chelan County Commissioners held their public hearing on the proposed regulations for short term rentals Tuesday.  

Most of the comments in the early going were by short term rental owners centering on who, how and where grandfathering of rentals would be permitted; and many who had developed their STR properties but not opened prior to the county’s moratorium last summer were upset about potentially not being included in the mix for new permits.  Comments came from short term rental owners from Seattle, Auburn, Puyallup and Mercer Island.  But there were also comments from long-term residents who see their neighborhoods as being overrun by people who come and go, and see their county commissioners as uncaring.

A sampling of comments on both sides of the STR issue:

Commissioners got through everybody who wished to speak; all were limited to two minutes to get everybody in. 

The commissioners will still take written comments until Friday.  It is expected that some tweaks in the proposed regulations may be made, with the commission expected to make a final decision on the proposed regulations at their meeting Monday, July 12th.