[10/28/21] Uproar Over School District Health Survey

Posted in Education

The Lake Chelan School District got an earful of comments Tuesday night from parents and others upset over a healthy youth survey that included questions to eighth grade students about sexual behavior. To hear District Superintendent Barry DePaoli explain it yesterday on KOZI, it sounded like there were problems on a number of levels. First was that the survey, usually sent by mail to the coordinators of each school building, this year went digital. DePaoli says three surveys are designed by the state:

So following this cluster of problems, DePaoli says the district and the board has come up with a process to keep what happened from happening again:

DePaoli admits the district did not communicate well, and took personal accountability for what happened; he says the survey was cancelled for 9th, 10, 11th and 12th graders, and the next survey is two years away, and he says it will be handled differently.