[4/27/18] Updated Ballot Count Expected To Be Released Friday

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The preliminary ballot count from Tuesday’s Special Election is in- and an updated number is expected to be available today.

Manson residents gave a strong thumbs up to the Manson Parks Department, overwhelmingly supporting a replacement Maintenance & Operation levy.

A simple majority was all that was needed for passage- but voters breezed beyond that threshold. The first ballot count, Tuesday night, added up to a 70% yes vote for Manson Parks and Recreation. 

The affirmative vote authorizes Manson Parks to impose regular property tax levies of 23 cents or less per $1,000 of assessed value for 3 consecutive years: 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Passage of the levy assures a steady revenue source for Parks Maintenance and Programs, including Manson Bay lifeguards and the AAU sports programs.

Chelan Fire & Rescue was hoping for a 60% yes vote Tuesday night for a proposed levy lid lift, but only came up with 39%. 

The proposed levy lid lift was marketed as necessary funding to maintain fire protection and emergency medical services for District 7 residents and visitors.

Fire Commissioners said the money, had the levy passed, would have been used to retain 6 professional firefighters currently funded through the end of the year by a fire grant program.

In other Special Election results- a bond proposal to expand and modernize Wenatchee High School is falling short of passage with a 55% yes vote. A 60% yes vote was needed to pass the $120 million bond request.

A ballot count update is expected Friday afternoon and the Election will be validated and certified next Friday, May 4th.