[2/25/22] Two Letters To City Disappoints Manson Council Chair

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What does it take to get people involved in an issue affecting them? That’s what Manson Community Council Chairperson Kari Sorenson is wondering. Last Tuesday the council held their regular meeting, the bulk of which dealt with the proposed Bluewater Terrace development at Rocky Point. That meeting had the biggest attendance of any Manson council meeting ever. The council asked for letters to be sent to the Chelan Planning Commission, but as of yesterday, only two letters had been received. Kari Sorenson had a pointed post on Facebook yesterday, and she also spoke out to KOZI News:

Sorenson is concerned about the proposed development and its impact on Highway 150 traffic:

Bluewater Terrace was also the source of some calls to Chelan Mayor Bob Goedde on last week’s call-in segment on KOZI. Now Sorenson is asking people to write letters or an email to the Chelan Planning Commission before March 4th, which is the deadline for public comment on the project. 

The address to write to:

City of Chelan
Department of Planning and Community Development
P.O. Box 1669
Chelan 98816

You can also send an email to mlibbey-at-cityofchelan-dot-us.

One thing, though: if you send a letter, you then will be notified of the public meeting that has not yet been scheduled.