[6/20/17] Two Early Brush Fires In Chelan Valley Mark Start Of Fire Season

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Fire season has begun. In the last 12 days alone, local firefighters have battled two significant brush fires- neither of which can be blamed on human negligence or reckless burning.

Instead, both seem to have originated from electrical transmission lines.

The first fire occurred last Monday, June 12, near Chelan Municipal Airport…

062017 Fire Season 1 :18 “…that actually went up.”

That’s Chief Tim Lemon with Chelan Fire and Rescue.

His crew was also the first to arrive on another fire last Saturday in Chelan Falls..

062017 Fire Season 2 :34 “…fire we arent’ clear on.”

Human carelessness is statistically the biggest culprit when it comes to brush fires.

Homeowners burning dead branches, or drivers tossing ciggerettes out the window are enough to create sparks that can carry and ignite the dry dead growth.

And, once a brush fire starts, it can spread quickly- especially if there is dead vegetation and winds to help fuel it.

This wildfire season, be responsible handling fire at home:

-Observe fire bans

-keep hot coals used to grill in marked coal bins

-extinguish of lit ciggerettes properly.

-use common sense

The likelihood of encountering a wildfire is rare, but if it does happen, be alert to your surroundings and do not approach the fire.

Call 911, even if you simply suspect a fire has broken out.