[2/22/18] Two Chelan Valley Rural Structures Burn To Ground In Less Than 12 Hours

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On Tuesday, in a period of less than 12 hours, two buildings in the Chelan valley burned completely to the ground, despite valiant efforts from local firefighters…


That’s Chelan Fire & Rescue Chief, Tim Lemon, recapping Tuesday’s Union Valley fire, which was reported shortly after noon.

Just nine hours later, another structure fire, this one near Manson, ended with nearly the same results…


That’s Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker…


Both structure fires on Tuesday were in rural Chelan County settings, both started in the garage area, and both resulted in total loss of structure and contents.

Here’s a twist in the story, regarding the Manson area fire:

On Wednesday, the day after his home burned to the ground on Upper Joe Creek, the homeowner, David Allender, pled guilty to an unrelated 2nd degree malicious mischief charge in Chelan County Superior Court.

Allender is no stranger to the courts, or the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office. In 2005, Allender purchased 364 acres on Upper Joe Creek Road and subdivided that land into 16 lots and sold several parcels over the years.

In April, 2013, Allender allegedly fired shots toward a family of potential buyers who had driven to Allender’s house to look a property.

The following month, May 2013, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team had to use pepper spray to flush Allender out of his home. He was arrested and taken to Chelan County Regional Justice Center, where he remained until February 2014, when he pled guilty to two counts of 2
nd degree assault and was released one month later.

Allender stayed out of trouble until June 2017 when he was served with nine charges of malicious harassment after allegedly threatening nearby landowners with anti semantic slurs and taunts.

According to Chelan County Sheriff’s’ Deputies, Allender published the addresses of nine neighbors along Joe Creek Road and made threats to murder them on his website.

At Wednesday’s court appearance, the day after his home burned to the ground, the nine counts of 2nd degree Malicious Harassment were dropped in exchange for Allender pleading guilty to 2nd degree Malicious Mischief. He faces up to five months in jail at his sentencing hearing scheduled for February 28th.