[3/14/17] Two Noisy Clocks In Trash Can At Post Office Prompt Partial Evacuation Of Downtown Chelan

Posted in Law Enforcement

There’s probably a logical explanation as to why someone would throw two clocks inside a trash can, prompting a partial evacuation of downtown Chelan.

At approximately 10:30 Monday morning, an employee reported hearing a beeping noise originating from a trash can located just outside the front door of the Chelan Post Office.

Chelan Mayor, Mike Cooney, says what happened next was text book…


The Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team arrived at about 1:45pm and immediately dispatched a robot to investigate the suspicious package.

In the trash can they discovered two clocks inside a plastic bag.

Chelan County Sheriff Sergeant, Rob Huddleston, says law enforcement is considering it legit garbage and no investigation will take place.

Law enforcement cleared the scene at about 3pm, opening roadways and allowing businesses to reopen.

Mayor Cooney says, coincidentally, as that suspicious package episode was unfolding, a regional emergency response meeting was taking place directly across the street at Chelan City Hall…