[3/4/19] Twisp Hopes for Emergency Center Funding

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The Town of Twisp is hoping to get more than a million dollars from the State Legislature to complete funding for a new Civic Building and Emergency Operations Center.

The town has spent the last few years socking away money for a new building, but now Twisp Mayor Soo Ing-Moody says without new money from the state, other funds already appropriated for the project could go away – and the clock is ticking:

The town’s capital request is for one and a quarter million dollars. That added to the 1-point-five million in grants and 600 thousand dollars the town has earmarked would make a total of 3-point-3 million dollars for what Ing-Moody calls a bare-bones center. But the chances of the state money coming through depends on just who in Olympia you talk to. 12th District State Representative Mike Steele says he’s on board:

But on the other side of the State Capitol, 12th district State Senator Brad Hawkins isn’t so sure whether more funding is wise – and he hints that the town may be relying too much on the state for it:

But the town – which has been threatened almost annually with wildfires, smoke, flooding and landslides – has no functioning communications facility from which to coordinate emergency management and incident command. The Okanogan County Emergency Management Office is 33 miles and the Loup Loup Pass away, a pass often closed during wildfires and landslides. So Mayor Ing-Moody says a new Civic Building and Emergency Operations Center is imperative: