[12/11/18] Tuesday Headline News

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Fossil Fuel:

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee wants to eliminate fossil fuels from the state’s electricity supply by the year 2045. Considering a 2020 White House bid and undeterred by repeated setbacks in getting climate legislation passed in his state, the Democratic governor proposed an ambitious package of legislation on Monday aimed a tackling climate change.

The move comes after voters rejected a ballot measure last month to put a price on carbon pollution. Inslee says people want climate action and their elected leaders to step up to prevent further harm to forests, air and communities.

Inslee is seeking legislation to require electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by 2045 and require fuel producers and importers to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation fuels, among other climate initiatives.

Radioactive Waste:

The Trump administration has proposed reclassifying some radioactive waste left from the production of nuclear weapons to make disposal cheaper and easier. The U.S. Department of Energy wants a change in its legal definition of high-level radioactive waste stored at places such as Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state — the most contaminated nuclear site in the country.

Reclassifying waste as low-level could save the agency billions of dollars and decades of cleanup work. Critics say that’s because much of the waste essentially could be left in the ground.

Tom Carpenter of Hanford Challenge, a nuclear watchdog group, said it wants a thorough cleanup of the site, which is half the size of Rhode Island. That includes building a national repository somewhere else to bury the waste once it has been stabilized.