[5/2/17] Trojan Softball Suffers Another Loss At home

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Submitted by Manson Softball Coach, Kendra Farnsworth

After a long season cursed by weather, the Lady Trojans finally got to play a few games on their home field at Singleton Park Monday. The Liberty Bell Mountain Lions traveled to Manson for two games. 

Bianca Alexander pitched game #1. She had one strikeout and gave up 18 hits. The Trojan defense struggled to get outs. Liberty Bell scored 5 in the first inning, 16 in the second and 12 in the third. The Trojans did score 5 runs. Jasmine Pascacio and Diocelina Cervantes each had a single and a run scored.  Devyn Smith also had a single. Alondra Chavez,  Gladys Rodriguez and Libbey Ireland each scored a run as well. The final score of game #1 was 5-33. 

Diocelina Cervantes pitched game #2 for the Trojans. The first inning was rough. 11 runs scored on three errors by Trojan defense. She only allowed one run in the second and four in the third. The defense looked better in this game. The Trojans had two outs at home and Devyn Smith threw out a runner stealing second base. Karina Mendoza made some key plays at shortstop and Libbey Ireland also had a nice catch in left field. Unfortunately, offense was a struggle in this game. 

Megan Clausen hit a screaming double way out to left center field that scored Karina Mendoza, the only run of the game. Karina also had a hit in the third inning. The final score of game #2 was 1-16. 

The Lady Trojans host Waterville Thursday evening for the final games of the season. Thursday is also senior night for our three seniors, Karina Mendoza, Jasmine Pascacio and Bianca Alexander. We are looking forward to honoring these three ladies and the talent and spirit they have brought to our team.