[4/28/17] Trojan Soccer Walks Away With A Critical Victory In Fight For Second Place

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On a sunny and windy day at the Manson Athletic Complex the Trojans soccer team got a much needed 1-0 victory over the Tigers of Tonasket.  A 67 minute goal from Jose Juarez was enough to seal the all-important victory.  In typical fashion the Trojans came out in the first half and commanded the possession and create most of the opportunities.  Playing into a strong headwind allowed for any attacking pass to die down before it reached the goalkeeper giving the Manson forwards time and space to track the ball down.  Manson’s attack was led by Aurelio Gutierrez who consistently made clever runs in behind the defense.  At about 20 minutes into the game one of those runs yielded a rocket of a shot off his right foot which beat the goalkeeper only for the crossbar to deny the goal!  Manson continued to press.  Freddy Leyva made himself available with some nice forward runs but was unable to convert on three separate chances.  A familiar feeling at halftime as the Trojans again found themselves tied at 0-0 feeling like they should have been in the lead.  But once again they continued to press away, seeking that elusive goal.  Finally, with less than fifteen minutes left it came.  A nice cross from Gutierrez found Juarez in the box and, after taking it down to his feet, calmly dispatched it into the bottom of the net.  Tonasket stepped up the pressure the last ten minutes and created a couple close chances but in the end the Trojans prevailed, winning an important league game in hot pursuit of the elusive number 2 seed.  Next up, home to Oroville at 11am on Saturday.