[8/29/17] Tonasket Mayor planning to step down

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Tonasket Mayor Patrick Plumb says he’s planning to step down later this year, but still hopes to win reelection and give his seat to a fellow council member.

But not the one who’s challenging him in the Nov. 7 election.

Plumb has accepted a job with MultiCare Health System, based in Tacoma, and plans to move there with his wife and three children.

If reelected, he said he plans to step down and let his position go to Jill Ritter, who is mayor pro tem, and holds Council Position 3, and is unchallenged in her bid for reelection.

Meanwhile, Plumb’s opponent, Dennis Brown, who has served on the council for six years, says he’d disappointed, saying Plumb’s pushing for Ritter isn’t fair.

A retired millworker, Brown said he’s lived in Tonasket for more than 40 years, and can devote his full attention to the mayor’s post.

Plumb, who grew up in Tonasket, entered the political arena at age 22, when he was elected to the Tonasket School Board. He then served six years on the council before he was elected mayor in 2009. And while he says he plans to step away from politics once he’s living in Tacoma, he may find himself in Olympia from time to time, voluntarily lobbying for his small hometown.