[5/23/17] Today Marks End Of First 30-Day Special Session

Posted in Education, Local Government & Meetings

Today marks the end of the first 30-day Special Session for Washington State Legislatures, following the 105 day regular session in which they failed to reach an agreement on a two year operating budget.

The hangup: public education funding, or, technically, public education funding and reform.

In January, 2012 the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the state had failed to fulfill its paramount duty to make ample provisions for the education for all children residing within its borders.

Lawmakers have spent the past five years trying to find a solution that would please both the Supreme Court and educators.

Though a permanent solution has not yet been reached, there are now hints of progress as the first 30-day special session expires.

While no one expects the work to be finished today, word is that a bipartisan group of 8 lawmakers has made progress in negotiations on a McCleary compromise.

There will eventually be a budget and progress on McCleary brings us closer to that day but its still likely weeks away.