[10/15/21] Time To winterize

Posted in Public Utility

The forecast had flurries for this morning, and with the overnight temperatures dropping into the 30s, the air conditioners get turned off and the heaters and furnaces get turned on. And that means now’s a good time to get your home ready for winter and the cold weather. The Chelan County PUD has great rebates for window replacement and insulation, but there are things you can do on your own. Josh Mitchell is a residential energy adviser with the PUD:

And one way you can test on your own, Mitchell says, is to let George do it:

And when we say George, we mean George Washington, whose on the dollar bill, of course. Mitchell adds that there’s one other place in your home that’s likely in need of insulation that we often forget about:

And of course there’s more on winterizing and weatherizing your home on the PUD’s website, chelanpud.org.