[5/17/18] Thursday: North Shore F.S. Road Closed

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The Grade Creek Road No. 8200 will be closed Mondays through Thursdays for the
next six weeks. The closure is for public safety while gravel is hauled on the road and
repairs are made to fire suppression related damage to the road during the Uno Peak Fire
in 2017.

The closure started today (Thursday) and is estimated to end by the end of June. The
road will be open Thursdays starting at 6 p.m. and remain open all day long on Fridays,
Saturdays and Sundays.

“Large dump trucks will be traveling on the road hauling gravel to the sites where the
road was damaged during the fire,” said Project Engineer Lori McAllister. “Gravel will
be applied to segments of the 40-mile stretch of road from just past Antilon Lake to the
junction of the Gold Creek Road No. 4330-600.”

Over a dozen loads of gravel will be applied to the road daily, work on drainage dip
improvements will also occur.

“The road maintenance activities being conducted are part of fire suppression
rehabilitation efforts that began after the Uno Peak Fire was contained in September
2017. The high volume of vehicle traffic on this road during the Uno Peak Fire resulted
in road damage. However, due to inclement weather all road maintenance activities
associated with fire suppression rehabilitation were not completed in 2017,” said Chelan
District Ranger Kari Grover-Wier. 

For more information contact Resource Assistant Paul Willard at 509-682-4960.