[12/7/17] There’s no place like Home for the Holidays

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Some of our local businesses in chelan, manson, brewster and the methow have invited us into their businesses to have some fun. We will tell you about their business, what you can expect to find for gift ideas, and sample some of their goods.

While we’re there, we will have our “unlock your holidays”prize box. The box contains certificates, gifts, and other items. Each time we go out with the box, we add more to win. It’s progressive so if we don’t get a winner, we add more. Prizes are worth $25-$50 each so this box can contain hundreds in prizes when we give it away. And we do give it away…multiple times. Last year it was given away five times!!

The combination is a four digit number and we bring 100 slips of paper with combinations on them. One of the combos is correct in our bucket but you need to find it. One try per stop. You can attend of the “home for the holiday” remotes during december and get your chance to win. Shop, play and win with kozi radio and support local shopping and businesses.

Listen to 2nd cup to find out where the prize box will be each week. Shop local throughout December…be sure to make time attend these live remote giveaway events and unlock your holidays.


Dec 7th Thursday Unlock your Holidays at Sweet River Bakery

Dec 8th Friday at Swim World

Dec 9th Saturday at Frenchie’s Flutes & Fleurs

Dec 13th Wednesday at Deep Water Home & Electronics

Dec 15th Friday at Brewster Drug & Brewster Marketplace

Dec 16th Saturday at Lone Pine Fruit & Espresso & Habitat for Humanity

Dec 18th Monday at Lake Chelan Sports

Dec 20th Wednesday at Howards on the River

Dec 22nd Kelly’s Hardware