[4/28/22] There’s More Water Than They Thought

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

It turns out that Chelan has a lot more water available for growth than was originally thought. We reported last month that the city was looking at who has water rights, and that there were applications for three times the amount of water that was available. Mayor Bob Goedde says that the issue of water came up at Tuesday’s City Council meeting, and the Mayor got a surprise:

Essentially, another fifty years worth of growth. So how did the estimates get so far out of whack? City Councilman Tim Hollingsworth says reviewing prior water applications changed the estimates:

Mayor Goedde says a lot of the backlog is due to a staffing shortage at the Department of Ecology, but he says now that there’s a door opened, the city will try to take care of all the permit applications that’s out there.