[2/7/17] The Life Of A Ballot After You Vote

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One week from today is Election Day- when ballots from voters within certain districts must be either postmarked, or dropped off at either their county courthouses, or in one if the county ballot drop- boxes.

Here in the Chelan Valley, only registered voters in the Manson School District were sent ballots. They will be voting on a replacement Maintenance and Operations Levy.

Other ballot issues in Chelan County include City of Wenatchee annexation proposals and two funding propositions for the Cascade School District in Leavenworth.

In Okanogan County, the Bridgeport, Okanogan and Tonasket School Districts have funding requests, and the Town of Winthrop and Okanogan County Fire District 6 have mirroring propositions on the February 14 Special Election Ballot regarding annexation of the Town of Winthrop into the Fire District.

There is just one single ballot issue in Douglas County- the Bridgeport School District is asking for $4.4 million in General Obligation Bonds to expand and renovate school facilities.

Although the deadline is exactly one week away, Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says, behind the scenes, the process is already underway, and he explains that there is more to it than simply collecting and counting the ballots…

020717 Ballot Procedures 1 1:28 “…eligible to be opened up.”

From there, Moore says, the ballots are opened..

020717 Ballot Procedures 2 1:09 “…results from the process.”

And, Moore adds, that all of this process is actually viewable to the public…

020717 Ballot Procedures 3 :29 “…maintain the integrity.”

34 of Washington’s 39 counties have at least one district with a measure appearing on the February 14 Special Election ballot. Of the 103 ballot measures throughout the state– 79 are for school levies.

Have you voted your ballot yet?