[10/18/16] The Great Washington Shakeout Is 10/20 At 10:20

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For the fifth consecutive year now, Washington State will participate in the Great Washington ShakeOut, drop, cover and hold earthquake drill. The event will take place Thursday, October 20th – 10/20 at 10:20AM.

The drill emphasizes the urgent need for people, organizations, schools, communities and businesses to practice what to do to be safe and to be ready before an earthquake strikes.

John Schelling is Program Manager for Washington Emergency Management Division says the event is meant to boost awareness of the state’s natural hazard…

101816 Shakeout Event 1 :48 “…people during earthquakes.”

The event will be initiated through the Emergency Alert System using the required monthly test for the state broadcasters.

Schelling explains that drop, cover and hold is one of the most important pieces of information people need to know during an earthquake…

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The event will take place at precisely 10:20 AM Thursday, October 20.

To sign up to participate, or for more information, visit their website at