[3/14/17] The Good Neighbor Authority Will Help Create And Sustain Forest And Habitat

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A historic agreement between federal and state agencies working within Washington was inked by Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz last Friday.

The Good Neighbor Authority will not only significantly advance the state’s ability to create and sustain healthy and resilient forestlands and habitat, but also aide in the formation of a consistent frontline partnership between multiple agencies of different jurisdictions according to Spokesperson Stephen Baker with the U.S. Forest Service…

031417 STEPHEN BAKER CUT #1 51.1 “on neighboring forestland”

Baker tells KOHO the scope of potential projects the new authority will allow federal and state officials to mutually address is vast…

031417 STEPHEN BAKER CUT #2 34.4 “with our partners”

Other issues this united front might also benefit include species recovery, job creation and the production of sustainable wood products. Spokesperson Joe Smiley with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources says the accord could not have come at a better time for jumpstarting recovery efforts within Washington’s beleaguered forestlands…

031417 JOE SMILEY CUT #1 22.6 “and Central Washington”

The Good Neighbor Authority was effective immediately upon receiving the signature of Commissioner Franz on March 10th and its initial impacts should be seen as early as this spring. The fostering of this alliance comes less than four months into Franz’s tenure in Olympia after replacing Peter Goldmark, who served eight years in office as the head of the State’s public lands.