[11/1/17] The development known as “The Farm” has been resubmitted

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The development known as “The Farm” has been resubmitted to Chelan County and any public comment will close on November 2nd. Because there is no time for a public meeting, we believe your best opportunity to be heard regarding this project is directly with the county.  
Below is a link to the application:
Here is the text of the notice as well as contact information for Chelan County Department of Community Development:
Notice is hereby given that the Chelan County Department of Community Development, 316 Washington Street, Suite 301, Wenatchee, WA 98801, has received and found the following land use application to be complete on October 10, 2017 and ready for processing, public review and comment. P2017-209/PD2017-210: An application for a sixty-six (66) unit planned development has been submitted by Peregrine 500 Lakeshore LLC (owner) and Dan Beardslee (agent). The proposal includes 42 single family units, 12 attached single family units and 12 carriage houses. The application states the 50% of the site will be retained in agricultural open space and short term rentals would not be permitted. The subject property is 7.95 acres in size and the lots would be a minimum of 4,500 square feet in size. Domestic water and sanitary sewer service would be provided by the Lake Chelan Reclamation District. Primary access to the project is by Manson Boulevard and Lakeshore Drive (public roadways) and access to the lots would be provided by a new looped internal roadway. The project is located in a potential geologic hazard area and a Geologic Assessment is included with the application. No other Critical Areas were identified.The subject property is zoned Urban Residential 2 (UR2) and is located at 500 Lakeshore Drive, Manson, WA, also identified as Assessor’s Parcel Number 28-21-35-608-045. On Thursday October 19, 2017 this application was noticed to the public and no action will be taken on this project until the Agency comments are due Thursday November 2, 2017. Chelan County welcomes written public comment on all proposed land use actions. Comments must include your name, current address, original signature, should be as specific as possible and may be mailed or personally delivered at the address listed above. Any person has the right to receive notice, participate in any Hearings, request a copy of the final decision and appeal the decision as provided by law. Last day for public comment is Nov 2   Comments can be sent to Breanna.lee@co.chelan.wa.us  reference “The Farm”