[5/21/21] Surgery Needed For MOE Service Dog

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If you’re a dog lover, this one’s going to tug at your heartstrings: there’s a cute little dog who’s got an interesting backstory – and a bad leg.  And he needs your help.  His name is Chaokuay (CHAWK-way), and he’s a service dog at MOE Elementary.  Beth Vincent of All For Paws picks up the story:

Now that’s bad enough, but Beth says the poor little guy has had a pretty tough life:

Now anyone who has a dog – or almost any pet for that matter – knows that something like that isn’t cheap. The students at MOE are trying to raise 65-hundred dollars for Chaokuay’s surgery so he can walk normally.  They’ve started a GoFundMe account for you to donate and help.  It’s gofund-dot-me-slash-fd58f265.  We’ll put that on our website at kozi-dot-com; it’s also on Beth Vincent’s All For Paws Facebook page, along with a picture of Chaokuay.  Beth also has a jar at All For Paws so you can come in and drop a dollar or whatever to help.