[5/9/17] Suicide Prevention Coalition Transitions Under Confluence Health

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Last week, the Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington transitioned from management under Catholic Family & Child Services to Confluence Health. The coalition was founded by Dr. Julie Rickard [rick-erd], who will now direct it for Confluence Health.

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington was founded in February 2012 by Dr. Julie Rickard. That year, 30 people died from suicide in Chelan and Douglas County, 11 of them were youth. Since then, Rickard says Catholic Family & Child Services has done a great job upholding the mission of the Coalition.

But the recent move under the umbrella of Confluence Health will allow her a more hands-on management role and provide greater resources, including a full-time staff person…

050817 Suicide Coalition 1 :26 “…issue within our community.”

Rickard said she trained 733 medical providers and staff using the QPRT model – Question, Persuade, Respond, Treat. It was developed by the QPR Institute out of Spokane. Rickard called it the CPR of suicide prevention.

She said Confluence Health also integrated 11 behavioral providers into Primary Care & Other Sites last year, with plans to add eight more this year. The Outpatient Adult & Youth Behavioral Health programs have also grown from seven providers to 22 in the past year, and Rickard expects that to continue growing to meet demand.

Since 2012, the year suicides spiked in the two counties, the numbers have decreased. But Rickard said the Coalitions goal is zero…

050817 Suicide Coalition 2 :37 “…low for a start of the year.”

In addition to increasing training and providers, Rickard said the primary factor is education and outreach…

050817 Suicide Coalition 3 :38 “…not going out and seeking it.”

Which is especially true in rural areas, Rickard said. Suicide trends in Okanogan and Grant Counties are greater than Chelan and Douglas. And Rickard thinks that’s largely a factor of proximity…

050817 Suicide Coalition 4 :32 “…barely get to a shower.”

Rickard said the number one take-away is that suicide is preventable, but not enough people think it is. She said the best thing to do is ask for help.

The Suicide Prevention Coalition of North Central Washington’s website is spcncw.com. Their crisis phone line is 662-7105.