[11/9/17] Substation Site Approved– Now What?

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On Monday night, the Chelan County PUD Commission approved the purchase of the Henderson property as the site for a new North Shore substation. As we reported at the time, no one on the Commission was happy with the way things had turned out. But Commissioner Gary Arsenault says things were at the point where something had to be done:

110917 Substation Now What 1 :32 Q:”to be unhappy”

But the decision has been made. So what’s next? Arsenault says more input:

110917 Substation Now What 2 :54 Q:”in the area”

But that doesn’t preclude the PUD from shifting gears if a better location should somehow present itself in the near future:

110917 Substation Now What 3 :37 Q:”look at it”

The motion approved by the PUD commission Monday night only covered the purchase of the Henderson property, not the design or building of a substation on that site.