[10/10/17] State Capital Spending Budget Talk With Senator Brad Hawkins

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The odds seem to be getting longer that the Washington Legislature will come to an agreement on a Capital Spending Budget.

After spending a record 193 days in Olympia, on July 20th, the Legislature adjourned without approving the Capital Spending Budget…

101017 Legislature Budget 1 :09 “…approve two of the three.”

That’s 12th District Senator Brad Hawkins, who visited with us here in the KOZI studios last week.

The crux of the disagreement is that state senate republicans are holding the capital budget hostage while pushing for a legislative fix for a state Supreme Court decision getting in the way of drilling new rural water wells.

The well moratorium is a big problem the legislature does need to address. However, tribes, and some environmental groups like the well restrictions, believing the state has done too little to protect water sheds from over development and over use of ground water…

101017 Legislature Budget 2 1:06 “…in January of 2018.”

Continuing to block the capital budget is a classic case of cutting off your nose to spite your face– doing damage to the entire state no matter the political affiliation of local law makers.