[1/21/22] Startling Numbers From Food Bank

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The Lake Chelan Food Bank has compiled its numbers for 2021, and they show startling growth. More families are using the food bank. Food Bank Director Richard Springer:

One of the interesting numbers Springer points out is the number of new families that have used the food bank:

When a lot of people think about donating to the food bank, they start looking through their pantry for cans of soup or canned vegetables, but what helps the food bank out most is just plain old cash, for they can take that money and buy food from places like Second Harvest in Spokane at a good discount. But Springer says the donations they can use a lot of right now is food for the sometimes forgotten member of the family – the four-legged family member:

Also, they can use canned pet food as well. The food bank is located at 417 South Bradley Street, and is open Saturdays and Tuesday mornings from 9 to 10 a.m. Their website is lakechelanfoodbank-dot-org.