[11/15/16] Speed Limit On State Route 150 Will Be Discussed In Thursday Meeting In Manson

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The Manson Community Council and Washington State Department of Transportation are holding an Open House in the Manson Parks Office on Thursday from 4- 6 pm to gather public input on a new speed limit plan for the seven miles from Manson to Chelan.

Roughly, from the Manson Red Apple Market to the No-See-Um intersection.

Currently, there are six speed limit changes throughout that section of highway – ranging from 25 to 45 miles per hour.

Washington State Department of Transportation will reveal three alternatives for speed limits on State Route 150.

DOT Traffic Engineers have been studying the traffic counts, collision data and surveying the driveways associated with recent and future developments. The goal is to create a simpler and more uniform layout.

You are invited to attend Thursday’s Open House from 4-6pm at the Manson Parks Office meeting room on Pedoi Street.