[4/27/17] Solar Power Related Jobs On Rise In State But Still Below National Trend

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A recently released report shows an upswing in the number of jobs related to solar power in Washington State.

Sarah Lukins with the group Environment Washington say that although growth in the solar industry was reported in Eastern Washington, it was the west side that registered the larger increase…

042617 Solar jobs 1 :14 “…by about 63 percent.”

Lukins says there are a number of factors that explain why employment within the solar energy sector is a more glowing proposition for those living west of Cascades rather than in Eastern Washington where the sun actually shines for almost four weeks longer on average every year…

042617 Solar Jobs 2 :22 “…in sustainability issues.”

Solar energy now powers the income of nearly 3,700 people in Washington’s labor force, however overall the Evergreen State is falling further behind much of the nation including neighboring Oregon in both solar sector jobs and overall solar capacity…

042617 Solar Jobs 3 :26 “…is fairly similar.”

The number of solar jobs grew in 44 states last year and the solar industry now employs over 260,000 people nationwide. Even rural areas that have a tiny footprint on this overall equation have shown an increase, including Chelan and Douglas Counties, which each saw a 20% rise in solar from 2015 to 2016 with Chelan County going from 18 jobs to 20 and Douglas ticking up from four positions to five.