[7/25/17] So Far, Primary Ballots Are Slow To Be Returned

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Ballots for the 2017 Washington State Primary Election are due one week from today, on Tuesday, August 1st.

Voters are not exacatly rushing to get their ballots in the mail- athough local voters are ahead of the statewide trend.

The latest numbers show less than 7 percent of Washington voters have returned their primary ballot. A little better in Douglas County at 8.7%, Chelan with 14% and 15% in Okanogan County.

Chelan County Auditor, Skip Moore, says Chelan area residents have three primary decisions to make..


When three or more candidates file for the same position, they face each other in the primary election with the top two vote getters moving on to the November General Election.

Mary Signorelli, incumbant for Lake Chelan Hospital Commission, position 1- seems genuinly pleased to see some competition…


Signorelli is being challenged by Jeremey Jaech and Stan Morse.

Morse is a familiar face in the political field, having served on the Chelan City Council, and sought numerous elected positions…


Jeremy Jaech may be a new name to you, but he’s not new to the medical field. Having served on the University of Washington Board of Regents, which, among other things, oversees the University of Washington Medical School….


Jeremy Jaech and Stan Morse are challenging incumbant to the Chelan Hospital Commision- position 1, Mary Signorelli.

Position 5 incumbant, Phyllis Gleasman, also has two challengers- Jerry Isenhart, of Chelan and Kathy Jo Porter, of Chelan Falls.

Gleasman says she would like to continue her commitment to the hosptial and to the community…


Gleasman is being challenged by a new comer to the field of politics, Kathy Jo Porter, who was motivated to file for the position after a contentious hospital bond issue…


Rounding out the 3 person race for Hospital Commisison seat 5 is former Chelan Mayor, Jerry Isenhart…


Tomorrow, we will look more at the City of Chelan Council Position 6, currently held by Cameron ‘Skip’ Morehouse, and is being challenged by Andrew Baker and Tim Hollinsworth.

All primary ballots must be returened by next Tuesday, August 1st- you can either deposit them in the drop box beghind Chelan City Hall- or make sure they are post marked no later than August 1st.

If you have not received a primary ballot, and believe you should have, contact the Chelan County Auditors Office at 509-667-6828.