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The crew was working on a vacation rental property on The Lookout, when the excavator unearthed a human skull, and then found an upper arm, shin bone, lower jaw, and some rib fragments. According to a statement from Chelan County Coroner Wayne Harris, Rivercom was then notified, detectives came to the scene, and then called the coroner’s office.

After consulting with State Forensic Anthropologist Dr. Kathy Taylor, it was determined the remains were that of a Native American. Then Dr. Guy Tasa, the state physical anthropologist was called in and local tribes were notified. On Monday, Dr. Tasa, Coroner Harris and a representative from the Colville Tribe met. Dr. Tasa examined the site and located other skeletal pieces, including a rib, an ankle bone, a finger bone and a tailbone.

Managers from the Lookout were also there, and notified of their legal requirements of the next steps. Permits will be filed for an investigation by an archaeologist, Colville Tribal representatives will be involved, and the process could take sixty days. When the investigation is done, all the remains will be placed in a cedar box and interred at property belonging to the Wapato Tribe near Mill Bay Casino. People are warned to stay away from the area, as it is an active excavation site, law enforcement will be patrolling the area regularly