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1230 – News Radio is what listeners already depend on KOZI for; Local news and information. Now we have expanded that offering to include national and international news with FOX News Radio and other syndicated talk providers. Continuing our brand of local news and information we now have enhanced our offerings with 1230 – News Radio.

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News Room

[4/10/20] Police Blotter

040920 FIRE LAW

[4/9/20] City of Chelan relies on county organizations to enforce vacation rental enforcement

After Chelan county commissioners issued a resolution restricting vacation home rentals earlier this week, city of Chelan residents have questioned whether the order applied within city limits as well. Mayor Bob Goedde says he worked closely with commissioners leading up to their recent decision. AUDIO 1:49

[4/9/20] Police Blotter

040820 FIRE LAW

[4/8/20] This year, the Easter bunny it taking a backseat to an egg-delivering prehistoric creature

Listen to Katie Dommel, the children’s director at Christ Center in Chelan, tell KOZI about how the tyrannosaurus rex lumbering around town came out of extinction. AUDIO: 1:39   Photo from Christ Center Chelan Facebook Page

[4/8/20] A new drive-through COVID-19 testing site to open in Omak today

Confluence Health is opening  a new drive-through COVID-19 testing location in Omak today. Dr. Elizabeth Avena from Confuence’s Omak clinic says more testing will help both patients and the community at large.

[4/8/20] Police Blotter

040720 FIRE LAW

[4/7/20] It’s big and loud, for some folks nostalgic, local first responders hope it will help protect the community

Listen to Chelan Fire and Rescue assistant fire chief Brandon Asher tell KOZI about the possibility of reactivating the downtown “air raid” siren for larger, multi-alarm incidents within the fire district.

[4/7/20] Police Blotter

040620 FIRE LAW

[4/7/20] Manson Apple Blossom centennial festival cancelled for 2020

After initially deciding last weekend to postpone the 100th Manson Apple Blossom Festival to July fourth, festival co-chair Launie Buck announced Monday afternoon that the centennial event would be canceled instead. Buck says it was a heartbreaking decision. LAUNIE BUCK.   :42        Buck says this year’s royalty will travel to other festival’s […]

[4/7/20] County commissioners sign resolution restricting vacation rentals

Chelan county commissioner tells KOZI about the Board’s new resolution restricting vacation rentals and other visitors to the county. AUDIO: 2:20