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News Room

[12/7/21] Money Coming To Lake Chelan Health

Lake Chelan Health is in line to receive several big chunks of money. Chief Financial Officer and Current Interim Chief Executive Officer Cheryl Cornwell says one of those chunks will come from Medicare: Another chunk of COVID money will be coming along as well, Cornwell says that is always in flux and the hospital is […]

[12/7/21] October Jobless Numbers

Both good news and bad news coming from the October Wenatchee Metropolitan Statistical Area Labor Area Summary, which takes in both Chelan and Douglas counties. Regional Labor Economist Don Meseck has the good news: But the bad news, which was also alluded to in the September report, is that the labor force in the two […]

[12/7/21] Health District Seeks Board Members

The Chelan-Douglas Health District, in anticipation of the restructuring of its governing board in the new year, is accepting new board member applications from the public. They’re looking for at least six new members – community members living in Chelan and Douglas counties – to meet new regulations passed by the state Legislature earlier this […]

[12/7/21] New Hospital Interim CEO Hired

Lake Chelan Health has appointed a new interim CEO. At their last board meeting Tuesday, the board singed a contract to hire Emmett Schuster to take over on January 19th. Lake Chelan Health Board Chair Mary Murphy says Schuster has experience in running rural health care facilities: Murphy adds that Schuster can also give them […]

[12/7/21] Manson Student Wellness Surveys

The Manson School District will start surveying its students to find out, essentially, how they’re doing. In conjunction with the Center for Educational Effectiveness, the district will be conducting periodic student wellness surveys. Manson Superintendent Voni Walker says this survey is different from anonymous surveys in the past: Walker says the surveys will let the […]

[12/7/21] Latest COVID Case Numbers

Looks like the latest COVID numbers has taken a huge drop in Chelan and Douglas Counties, anyway that’s the takeaway from the Chelan-Douglas Health District. The latest case count is at 317 new cases per hundred thousand residents, that’s a drop from 532 on November 22nd. As for vaccinations, those numbers are virtually unchanged, with […]

[12/7/21] Redistricting Worries

Will Chelan and Douglas counties be separated, legislatively and congressionally speaking? That redistricting question is now left to the State Supreme Court, now that the Bipartisan Redistricting Commission was unable to submit a plan by its November 15th deadline. The plan the commission was favoring splits Chelan County from Douglas and Okanogan Counties, which have […]

[12/7/21] Link Transit 30th Anniversary Exhibit

Link Transit is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, and it’s kicking off the festivities at the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center with an exhibit. Link’s Communications Manager Eric West: Also, there will be presentations by Link General Manager Richard DeRock, as well as former General managers Ken Hamm and Tom Green. The exhibit […]

[12/7/21] Pateros School Threats

Threats of violence at Pateros Schools. The Okanogan Sheriff’s Department and Pateros Schools have investigated two separate threats of school violence involving the mention of firearms. Pateros Superintendent Greg Goodnight: The school has contacted all parents directly involved and believe the threats have been fully addressed. No specific identities have been made of who’s been […]