[3/17/22] Should Manson Incorporate?

Posted in Local Government & Meetings

Should Manson become a city? That’s not a new question, it’s come up periodically over the years. But there were new discussions about it at Tuesday night’s Manson Community Council meeting. It came in a roundabout way, when Council member John Frolker asked Chelan City Councilman John Olson . . .

That started a discussion about whether or not Manson should be incorporated into Chelan. While Olson said it would be best if Manson became a city on its own, he seemed to leave the door open to the idea of annexation:

And Olson followed that by listing some cons and pros:

Now fast forward to yesterday’s (Wed) “Ask the Mayor” segment on KOZI; Chelan City Councilman Chris Baker was asked if there had been any discussions about annexation . . .

And Mayor Bob Goedde seemed to nix the idea:

So while for years, the idea of Manson incorporating has been knocked around, the prevailing opinion is that Manson will someday be a city, and not only that, but maybe, the time has come for it to happen now.